Our Story

Close your eyes.

Envision walking onto a construction site 25 years ago. Now walk through that same construction site today. What has changed? Workers now have cell phones, orange vests, and they can’t drink beer at lunch—those are the only differences! From industrial revolution to technological revolution and information age—the AEC industry has missed them all. What if we say that the modern-day construction site could look nothing like the one from the past, but operate much better?

The Problem(s)

The construction industry remains antiquated, stuck in time. And it sticks out like a sore thumb in the time when cars drive themselves, machines can take decisions, and just a headset can simulate a whole new environment. Still using the time-proportional-to-quality model, the current construction industry struggles to find talent, as the continually shrinking group of construction workers lack an outlook for innovation and technological progress. Today’s on-site job dynamics are no good, either. Developers rely on general contractors who must—in turn—rely on sub-contractors to get the job done. And as if this structure isn’t inefficient enough, most subs must work with a new construction team for different building projects due to the shortage of skilled and available teams. It all adds up to the math of obsolete practices.

A New Model

The AEC industry offers services—but does it have to? The service-oriented business model relies on manual work and outdated technologies, performed and operated by contractors who, in most part, are proud of doing things the old way. It is, of course, a highly inefficient approach. It’s time to turn things around for good, to achieve 100% efficiency. The industry needs a product-focused model that measures production not in hours, but according to efficiency and quality—an approach that celebrates innovation and embraces progress instead of glorifying the past. A model that will attract a demographic essential to progress—top, young talent. Enter Modz4!

Meet Modz4

Modular construction is poised to serve the current industry’s skilled labor shortages and demand for innovation. Replacing outdated modules of manual construction, modular builds utilize automation, AI, and technology to deliver modular components on site. Modz4 is a group of architects, engineers, and designers, who are your connection to modular construction. We design your building by incorporating modular units within our designs and standing as your Architects and Engineers of Record. We coordinate your design ideas and franchise and local code requirements within our AE designs, while utilizing the modular technology available through our connections in the modular industry. We are a tech-savvy, edgy, and visionary group of architects, engineers, and designers determined to transform how building designs become a reality. Rooted in our firm’s core values of Respect, Honesty, Humility, and Fun, our journey begins by serving our clients and stakeholders to create the ultimate design/build experience.

The Building Blocks

Our visionary CEO Dr. Garry Vermaas sits at the helm with the rest of our relentless executive team, consisting of Chief Marketing Officer Blair Hildahl, Chief Financial Officer Adam Ginsburg, Chief Production Officer Vijay Rathod, and Chief Leadership Officer Dr. Jodi Vermaas. Their proven leadership skills and business acumen have been well recognized in the hospitality industry.

Foward Moving

Base4—our award-winning sister brand—is a leading architecture and engineering firm in the hotel space. We bring together many years of hospitality expertise and a passion to salute our values through the creation of tech-supported innovations that overcome the archaic limitations of traditional design/build models. Modz4 provides cutting-edge solutions—as products—to smash through the outdated processes prevalent in the AEC industry. At Modz4, our goal is to 1) understand the needs, desires, and challenges unique to the current AEC market and 2) embrace the underutilized technological inventions to solve current challenges and bring the construction industry into the age of innovation. So, what’s next? Modz4 now begins a movement to transform how you build. With the modular technology currently available, we design projects done on time and with fewer headaches—driven by our design expertise and inspired through the lens of our values.