Stacking 'em into a masterpiece

As your architect on record (AOR) for your modular projects, we help pass the city, franchise, and code requirements. We also make sure that the prefabricated units arriving on-site stack safely and accurately, while guiding construction workers with site plans.

MEP Engineering

Infusing life into your modular building

As your engineer of record (EOR), we ensure code compliance, coherence, and safety for all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of the modular building. It’s upon us to make all systems work smoothly once the units are connected into the final product.

Structural Engineering

Framing smart solutions for unconventional buildings

We provide expert structural calculations and site plans for construction workers to refer to at the time of assembly. We assure that each manufactured unit is where it should be and compliant to every code.

Interior Design

Designs as unique as your project

Our team of creative and forward-thinking interior designers creates original spaces with infused aesthetics, optimum functionality, and superior quality. We also produce interior walkthroughs and realistic renderings in BIM for you to feel the space before setting things in motion.

3D Visualizations

Technology at its finest

We provide high-quality, photographic 3D visualizations for exterior and interior designs. Experience a whole new dimension with our virtual reality renderings. With our sophisticated computer-generated imagery tools, we communicate to you the ultimate design goal.