What We Do

1. Detailed Documentation

Creating detailed construction documents—including Architectural, Structural, MEP, and Interior Design inputs—that are both easy for GC/subs to bid and build.

2. Easy-to-read Drawings

Transforming typically confusing and segmented modular project drawings and creating a unified set that is easy for GCs to understand their scope versus what is completed in the factory.

3. Form + Function

Engineering the total functionality of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems.

4. Compliance & Approvals

Ensuring compliance to codes and franchise requirements and obtaining permits and approvals from local, state, and other governing authorities.

5. Manufacturer Communication

Coordinating with the modular manufacturers to ensure that modular units meet any client and/or franchise requirements.

6. Design

Designing common areas such as entryway, lobby, bar, market, restaurant, rooftop, and outdoor spaces with our team of senior architects, engineers, and interior designers.

7. Smooth Transition

Seamlessly integrating factory-built modules with traditional onsite construction through good design and easy to read plans.

8. Awareness

Educating team players (GC, subs, vendors, lenders, city officials, etc.) on the challenges and nuances of modular construction so that common modular missteps are avoided.

9. Plan Coherence

Working closely with modular manufacturers to ensure 100% coordination between modular factory shop drawings and permitted construction drawings.

10. Talent Improvement

Continually training our in-house structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and lighting engineers along with a staff of senior architects that all specialize in modular design and construction.